That Booth Guy  is operated by Chase Hundley – that booth guy – and we have heard countless guests at events refer to him as such… we loved that SO much, we decided to name the photo booth… That Booth Guy… because let’s keep it simple – he is.... You'll also see that we have a booth girl too -- her name is Sandy and she's hilarious and feisty and often fights Chase to run the photo booth!

Why is the photo booth called… ‘That Booth Guy’!?!?

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on offering our clients something special. We aren’t constrained by the black curtains and black walls like traditional booths (which we love too) – but we are an open air design booth… which means – all of your guests can join in on the fun – which in turn, hypes up the entire experience. No need to hide behind curtains – let’s get this party started!

Is the photo booth like other booths?!


To operate the booth in a way that will best service your guests, at least a 12x12 space is needed with additional space for a 6ft table of props. The booth needs access to a nearby outlet and must be covered by the elements. The booth is not operational in inclement weather, to include windy conditions. The booth also needs at least 12ft of overhead space to accommodate the backdrop.

How much space does the booth need?!

For weddings, ideally the booth should be set up in an area with room for guests to enter and exit the area comfortably – we want your guests to have a great experience, so including the photo booth in your floor-plan set up, is necessary and important. Anywhere near the dance-floor or bar are great places for the booth. We will not set up in the smoking section – sorry for the inconvenience. 

Where should the booth be set up at my event?!

That Booth Guy will arrive anywhere from 30 min to an hour BEFORE the scheduled start time of the photo booth to set up – please be mindful of this when selecting your start time and/or location for the photo booth. In the event you’d like the booth to be set up prior to the entire day, please inquire – an additional fee will be assessed. 

How long does it take for the booth to get set up?

Yes… and No. In the event you invite us to your wedding day celebration – we do temporarily ‘close’ the booth during special dances, toasts, cake cutting – so that we are not causing a distraction and keeping guests from focusing on YOU. 

Does the booth run continuously once it opens?

We do not. We have found that guests tend to throw those little photos away after a while – so INSTEAD, we offer instant texting of the images to your guests. They simply input their cellphone into the photo booth and voila – they receive their images via text and can share online and use your event hashtag! So fun!

Following your event, you will receive an online downloadable gallery – where you and your guests can print your photos if you like. The best of both worlds!!! 

Does the booth offer prints?

Absolutely – and you are also welcome to provide your custom props as well, or inquire about having custom props created for your special event!

Does the photo booth provide props?

All digital images are uploaded to an online gallery where your images are online and backed up for 10 years. 

How do I receive my digital files?

You are welcome to order directly from the online gallery that is synced with one of our professional labs. Or you can order prints from a website called - it’s a consumer printing site that offers competitive pricing while staying true to quality. Where ever you decide to order from, be sure to select ‘No
Color Correct’ upon checkout. 

Where should I print my digital files?

Absolutely – we have a selection for you to choose from or you can provide your own with approval. 

Does the photo booth provide backdrops?

Albums are not included in any packages or hourly coverage, but please inquire if you’d like to add on an album to maximize your experience and keep your memories forever!

Do you offer albums?

Yes! Photos can be instantly texted to your phone AND uploaded to an album on Facebook where you can then go in and tag yourself and your friends.

Do you offer social media integration?

Yes but we will need adequate coverage from the elements to ensure the booth is operational.

Do you work outdoor events?

Thank you for subscribing!

Thank you for subscribing!

Thank you for subscribing!

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