I know what it’s like to search for self worth and confidence.

I know what it’s like to stand in the mirror and proclaim that I am beautiful after years of doubting myself and I want that for you too. 

You deserve to see yourself the way that you truly are… worthy… 
beautiful… loved. There is no room for bullying in your life – 
and that includes the things you say to yourself.


what to EXPECT


Let my team of incredible stylists provide your hair and makeup. They know exactly how I shoot and are an essential part of your experience.


Let’s meet prior to your session so we can go over #allthepretty and sort through your outfits, I love being a part of this process.


It’s okay to be nervous, I think that’s a natural part of the process. But I can assure you 
those nerves will fade and be replaced with confidence and empowerment.



You can’t hear her telling you how good you look, how beautiful you are and how sexy you feel as she pumps you up during the session. All of her hard work and talent come together in the end and you will receive the most amazing and empowering experience followed by most likely the most beautiful pictures of yourself ever!

You will receive the most amazing and empowering experience...

kind words from past clients


Sharon takes care of every detail and naturally brings out the most beautiful qualities in every woman she meets, no matter your confidence level, body size or type. You deserve this. You NEED this. You'll walk out of your session a better version of yourself after being loved for exactly who you are, thanks to Sharon!

Sharon's love for what she does is communicated abundantly and beautifully

kind words from past clients


It is evident throughout the entire boudoir experience as she makes sure every detail is perfect, encourages you and is just as excited as you are as she shows you images as she is capturing them during the session. During the reveal of the finished photos, I cried as I saw my images. For the first time I saw myself from within as a strong, confident and beautiful woman whose insecurities didn’t exist. 

Sharon’s passion for making women feel beautiful, empowered and special is genuine. 

kind words from past clients


This experience would NOT be the same if it weren’t for our styling team. Some of these artists have been a part of our team for quite a few years. These are my people… and I know you’re going to love them! 


Whether you’re wanting to celebrate your victory over cancer, wanting to celebrate another year of life, or just want to feel EMPOWERED…. Our collections make it super easy to find what you need no matter your story! Collections begin at $990.00. Marathon collections begin at $590.00. Marathon sessions are prescheduled.

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5 ways to reduce the anxiety

Let's chase after a happy life and root ourselves in joy instead of stress

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