Absolutely, all Sweet + Lacey sessions include professional hair and makeup services. These services usually last a total of one hour and your session immediately follows. Our stylists are professional stylists and have worked with our team for a number of years. 

Do you offer hair and makeup services?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please arrive promptly at your designated styling time. I ask that you do not arrive early and certainly not late. In the event you find yourself running behind, please notify me immediately. Upon arrival, you will begin your styling with your session to follow less the amount of time you arrived late. For instance, if you are scheduled for a 30 minute Sweet + Lacey session but arrive 20 minutes late, you will have a 10 minute session. 

What time should I arrive?

Sharon Elizabeth will be your photographer and with your permission a non-shooting assistant to help with your hair/tags and any necessary gear.

Who will be in the room during my session?

Spouses are not allowed.

Can I bring my spouse?

You are more than welcome to bring one female friend/family member; however, your friend will not be allowed in the studio during your session.

Can I bring a friend?

Tasteful nudes and implied nudes.

Do you photograph nudes?


Absolutely not. You can be as covered as you like.

Do I have to be photographed nude?

You already know my answer. NO. You can be tall – short… thick – thin… have large breasts – have none (literally)… be black – or white. You are YOU – and you are beautiful. I have photographed women from all walks of life and women of all ages/sizes/colors. Cancer survivors. Women in their 50’s. Curvy women. Slender women. Women with short hair – no hair – long hair. You can trust me – I know how special and intimate this session is… and I definitely know how beautiful and worthy you are. 

Do I have to look a certain way to experience boudoir?

As I select the best of the best – discarding funny faces and photos where you were blinking. No. I ask that you please trust this process and my image selection. I am very passionate about helping women feel beautiful – including you… and I would not withhold any beautiful images from you.

Can I see every single photo you take during my session?

Come with a clean/fresh face, no makeup. Come with a clean head of hair but with NO heat or products applied. No sprays, gels, straightening, blow drying. 

What should I do for my face/hair before styling?

Yes. I work with extremely professional album designers and album companies. They understand art and they value the sensitive nature of these sessions – just as much as I do. 

Do you send my photos out to a third party for albums?

All digital images are uploaded to an online gallery where your images are online and backed up for 10 years. Any digital image purchases include unlimited downloading/printing rights.

How do I receive my digital files?

You are welcome to order directly from the online gallery that is synced with one of my professional labs. Or you can order prints from a website called www.mpix.com - it’s a consumer printing site that offers competitive pricing while staying true to quality. Where ever you decide to order from, be sure to select ‘No Color Correct’ upon checkout. 

Where should I print my digital files?

No refunds, and specifics are covered in the contract. Your session is transferable to another client, however. Simply notify me of your decision and we will make the necessary transfer.

I would like to cancel my session, do you offer refunds?

Your session will be held in my in home studio located in Nags Head, NC.

Where will my session be?