1. Complete a client profile
2. Submit up to 10 images that represent your ideal shooting style (5 images for color and 5 for black and white)
3. Review your crafted presets and you'll have 3 free revisions per preset
4. Receive 2 custom presets downloads; one in color and one in black and white

Using my preset evolution approach to create your branded presets... you'll be set up with presets that work for YOU -- only requiring minimal tweaking from photo to photo and thus allowing you to better serve your clients with efficiency and branded consistency!


These presets will be based on YOUR stylistic preferences and client profile -- no one else will have these presets!!! 


2 custom presets - $197.00.

Coaching call - $249.00 add on
let's walk you through the process of creating your preset and let me answer any additional editing questions you have!!! Screen sharing for ultimate learning so you can see step by step what techniques I used to craft your presets!

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"She was detailed in understanding and following my vision and style. She completely blew me away...."

What are they saying?

"Anyone can get a reasonably priced preset and their work will look just like everyone else's. I did that for a while, took a preset then made it my own. The problem was it didn't create consistency from event to event.  Sharon changed that. She was detailed in understanding and following my vision and style. She completely blew me away in taking my style and up leveling it to enhance the skin tones and overall vibe of my style. She walked me through her thought process and showed me tips and pointers in Lightroom to cut back on my workload in the back half of editing a wedding. She provided encouragement with tough love to truly grow my style and abilities as a photographer. She is a wealth of knowledge and was able to adjust coloring to really nail my style."

Elizabeth Bargy
Elizabeth FRISKE photography